Saturday, January 22, 2011

Freedom to Party - March 1990 - Spot Your Face! Video

Most of you have already heard of the Freedom to Party Campaign of the 1990s. My involvement is also public knowledge so i wont go into that here. What's interesting about this post are the many faces that came to the protest. I took a series of shots on that day and wanted to see if anyone recognised themselves from the photos. I've kept it short and sweet, also added an original Genesis'88 pirate radio ad i recorded in 1989…

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Anonymous said...

wow! - remember this rally well. remember it was pissing down with rain, got there and was on a mission to get to the front of the crowd. also remember seeing DEBBIE MALONE sing RESCUE ME, with a guy doing bassline b-box live....that was sooo cool to see. there was a guy called ANTON LE PIRATE he was chatting about government legislation to ease off and let us party....but the best was yet to come....the after party at RADLETT was blinding....ILLEGAL WAREHOUSE PARTY where thousands of people turned up...there was more outside than there was inside lol...GREAT TIMES!! GET ON ONE MATEY LOL ..Tam :))))