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Balearic Beats - Vol. 1 - The Album (Various Artistes)

Balearic Beats - Vol. 1 - The Album (Various Artistes)

This album was probably the first Balearic Album compiled with one particular generation in mind. At the time this generation was so small that all of them could fit into a standard sized pub. Although the album wasn't officially release until 1988, each track had been well and truly rinsed at the clubs which are accredited for kick starting Acid House. The names of the infamous club-nights were Future, Shoom, and Spectrum. All the infamous promoters of Acid House events in the United Kingdom attended either all, most or one of these hot-spots. The folks that went on to stage the biggest illegal Acid Parties in the history of England all met in those club-nights. I was one of those people that went on and built the blueprints for dedicated massive warehouse parties. More of that elsewhere...

Catalog#: 828 118-1, FFRLP 5
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Country: UK
Released: 19 Sep 1988
Genre: Electronic
Style: Acid House, Euro House, House

Compiled by Paul Oakenfold, Pete Tong, Trevor Fung

A1. Electra - Jibaro (Full English 12" Version)
A2. Code 61 - Drop The Deal
A3. Beats Workin'  - Sure Beats Workin' (El Sonido Casa Balearico)
A4. Enzo Avitabile - Black Out
A5. Mandy Smith -  Mandy's Theme (I Just Can't Wait) (Cool & Breezy Jazz Version)

B1. Residents, The - Kaw-Liga (Prairie Mix)
B2. Wooden Tops, The - Why Why Why (Live)
B3. Nitzer Ebb - Join in the Chant
B4. Fini Tribe - De Testimony (Collapsing Edit)
B5. Thrashing Doves, The - Jesus On The Payroll (Street Groove)

Cover Art: Dave Little 

Copied from back of sleeve:

Balearic Beats by Farley

"wot shall i file this BALEARIC BEATS under?" so young joe public, y.t.s., go-getter at yo-price megastore hits his first problem in pigeon-holeing the black vinyl. now seeing that the only "MATEY" joe's "EVER GOT RIGHT ON" is the rubbery balloon type his guv'nor sells, i think we should explain this happy, happy, groove a little more.

now while it's true that the balearic beat was born in IBIZAN clubs, such as AMNESIA and PASHA, it's breeding took place in a small, sweaty, strobby, smokey south london club called ..... THE SHOOM. the hardcore original shoomers, along with another london club THE FUTURE, had discovered the JOY'S of balearic beats, during several previous "summers of love" (sic), and had brought the music and the attitude back to london with them. the kinectic style of dancing now associated with balearics ugly brother, ACID HOUSE, is pure ibizan in origin. The loudest screams at SPECTRUM are always reserved for NITZER EBB and the RESIDENTS while hearing ENZO AVITABILE booming through the smoke at JOY is an ecstatic experience one step away, (some say forward) from sex.

THE FINI TRIBE and MANDY SMITH have become anthems all over clubland, whilst my personal faves are the fast euro-rhythms of CODE 61 and the post-punk thrashing of THE WOODENTOPS. every track of this album will fill floors and put smiles on faces, Throughout the balearic underground. look, i wonder if poor joe's getting the gist of all this, for joe and the yet uninitiated, balearic is the following and much, much more.....

.....loads of hugs and kisses ... smiley t-shirts and happy faces.... feeling saucey instead of sauced......eating fruits on the dance floor....bashed up converse trainers.....lovely girls with blinding pops.....hedionism....sparklers at the future....indian belly dancers at the shoom....almost everyone finally realising that "only love can conquer hate"....watching the sun set at the café del mar....watching the sun rise on primrose hill....the karma collective....poncho's pony tails and body friendships....loads more hugs and kisses....just let this piece of warm anglo-ibizan club culture rush over you, enjoy it mateys!!!


acapulco al said...

cracking album. got it in 1988 after a summer holiday in fuengirola where i witnessed (for the first time ever) bars & clubs that didn't revolve around drink, rather they involved people from all over europe (girls with blinding accents) dancing up the walls at the marina, and playing football with a pair of socks on the motorway at 5am with some mad fucker from finland. happy days...

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