Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Adventures in Clubland (Wayne Anthony Interview)

I did this interview about 12 years ago...A Birmingham newspaper heard i attended the Biology - Humingbird event and wanted to question me about my motivation for being there...

Genesis'88 (mix tape) by Wayne Anthony - Acid House 1988 PT.2

I knocked up another old skool mix tape from the Acid House soundtrack of 1988. There has been requests for the track-list but considering I'm not a DJ i see my mix tapes as limited edition art forms. The music selection comes directly from someone that was not only that dance-floor but shaping the very structure of the movement alongside other key figures of the period. I started doing these compilation albums as such because i was fed up of waiting for DJ's to give me a tape where i liked every tune and every track was within the Acid House framework. As established elsewhere I'm not speaking of just the music, Acid House spawned the biggest youth movement that Britain had yet to produce. These downloads represent many of the musical memories i have of that period...All the music featured on this tape would be played at all Genesis'88 events...

Genesis'88 Mixed by Wayne Anthony - Acid House 1988 PT2 DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD:


Thursday, July 15, 2010

ID Magazine 1988 - Get Up Get Happy

In 1988 there were no dedicated professional dance music magazines because at this stage there wasn't a dance music scene as we've come to know it today. Yes, House music had reached London in 1985 / 86, but nothing which could be defined a scene. It was the rock and indie magazines that first brought this issue into the mainstream and we're pretty sure they didn't see it developing into the multinational music scene spawned by that mild annoyance Acid house. ID was a grassroots edgy industry journal with the ability to make and break music / fashion careers.  It was a buffer between hardcore rock magazines such as NME who absolutely hated anything produced electronically.  I have loads more articles that i will be posting so be sure to SUBSCRIBE / ADD ME / RSS FEED...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Genesis'88 - Balearic 1987/88 PT1 (Mix) Wayne Anthony (Class of 88)

Genesis'88 Balearic by Wayne Anthony (Class of 88) 1987/88 - PT.1

While Im getting into creating my own ipod mixes i thought it rude not to share the goods. Although we labelled an entire youth culture as Acid House, the scene was launched in the UK with Balearic and New Beat soundtracks from Ibiza / Belgium.

A lot of folks entered this vibrant subculture in 1989, House music was then completely dominating the charts. I remember watching Top of the Pops one week in 1989 and at least six House tracks were in the top ten selling singles of that particular week. I remember feeling really happy about it, a virtual middle finger to the establishment who wouldn't even play a song that contained the word Acid.  It was long established that Acid House wasn't named after the drug LSD but it made incredibly dramatic newspaper / tv news headlines.

When history speaks of the earliest clubnights / events in London they speak of Future, Spectrum, Shoom, Sin, and Trip. This mix-tape! is dedicated to all the people that attended the above named pleasure pits, plus everyone that attended Ibiza and Tenerife 1987 / 88.

Massive Shout to everyone that went Genesis'88 our DJ Tony 'Balearic' Wilson is legendary amongst veterans…


Trance - Acid House Party 1988 (Video)

Trance was one of the earliest Acid House parties in London... DJs Rocky n Diesel on the decks...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Genesis'88 Music Downloads Mixed by Wayne Anthony (Class of 88)

Wayne Anthony - Music Mixes

Its been a while since i done a mix-tape partly because i cant actually mix and i just don't get the time these days. Of late i been downloading loads of Acid house mixes but some of them seem to feature tunes from later years instead of music from that period. I listen to my ipod everyday so decided to put some mixes together   2am on Thursday morning. The music featured on these mixes were all heard at Genesis'88 events and just about everywhere else at the time. This track list was compiled by me (Wayne Anthony - Class of 88) with Love…

When Genesis formed in 1988 it didn't matter whether a DJ could mix or not as most DJs couldn't mix properly anyway. This mix-tape follows that same principle of being governed by the music and not by what the chap is doing with the record decks. No point in complaining about it because i don't give a shite...Lots more to come!!!

Genesis88 Mixed by Wayne Anthony - Acid House 1988 PT1 DOWNLOAD

Genesis88 Mixed by Wayne Anthony - Acid House 1989 PT1 A

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