Friday, July 9, 2010

Genesis'88 - Balearic 1987/88 PT1 (Mix) Wayne Anthony (Class of 88)

Genesis'88 Balearic by Wayne Anthony (Class of 88) 1987/88 - PT.1

While Im getting into creating my own ipod mixes i thought it rude not to share the goods. Although we labelled an entire youth culture as Acid House, the scene was launched in the UK with Balearic and New Beat soundtracks from Ibiza / Belgium.

A lot of folks entered this vibrant subculture in 1989, House music was then completely dominating the charts. I remember watching Top of the Pops one week in 1989 and at least six House tracks were in the top ten selling singles of that particular week. I remember feeling really happy about it, a virtual middle finger to the establishment who wouldn't even play a song that contained the word Acid.  It was long established that Acid House wasn't named after the drug LSD but it made incredibly dramatic newspaper / tv news headlines.

When history speaks of the earliest clubnights / events in London they speak of Future, Spectrum, Shoom, Sin, and Trip. This mix-tape! is dedicated to all the people that attended the above named pleasure pits, plus everyone that attended Ibiza and Tenerife 1987 / 88.

Massive Shout to everyone that went Genesis'88 our DJ Tony 'Balearic' Wilson is legendary amongst veterans…


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