Sunday, April 11, 2010

Acid House Party Guide - The Meeting Point 1989

Written by Wayne Anthony (Genesis'88 / Class of 88)

Ensure the meet is a good distance away from the actual venue. In some cases the meeting point could be up to ten miles away. In these cases a planned route must be constructed that can guide traffic through the channels promoters want them to use. These points are very important and must not be lost to law enforcement. It’s the Point Team’s job too enforce the terms and conditions laid down by promoters.

7A Make sure the designated meets can withstand thousands of cars without causing a nuisance too other road users.

7B Control must be maintained at the meeting points so requires a person (s) that can galvanise the crowd and keep them under a leash. The Point Team must stamp their authority immediately and make themselves known to members. In some cases a speech may be necessary too capture their imagination.

7C Dangerous driving can not be tolerated and must not be encouraged. Provide members with suitable rules of engagement through various mediums including radio commercials.

7D Members must park in the allocated spaces provided by car parks or the Point Team.

7E The Point Team must provide members with straight forward directions to venues. In some cases maps will be given to everyone at the meeting points and in other cases members will be lead in convoy to venue.

7F The Point Team must not allow law enforcement officers to contain members by blocking roads. Immediate action must be taken and the venue address should be released (or another predetermined meeting point depending on crowd size).

7G Point Team must ensure clear passage for members once the venue address has been broadcast. This could mean taking control of main roads by directing traffic manually.

7H If any Point Team member gets arrested, they should assume the persona of a very low level worker that gets paid peanuts. No names No statement No chitchat.

7I Print or write large signs that read ‘Genesis Meeting Point’ for use in emergency.

Excerpt from: Acid House Party Guide (v2) Wayne Anthony (Guide Does Not Include These Images)
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