Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Class of 88 - The True Acid House Experience - Special Edition


The SPECIAL EDITION PAPERBACK has been totally rewritten and contains over 100 new pages. Read the material the original brave publisher Virgin thought too controversial to publish and so the work was censored. Virgin wasn't to blame in this matter as the market and public opinion holds great sway within such a reputable company. Virgin had taken a bold step when publishing the book and so must be admired for their courage. The Special Edition delves even deeper into the mind of a man on the very front-line of Acid House and the evolving youth culture which had spawned a new generation.The Acid House generation in the UK had to literally fight for their right to party and Genesis'88 were amongst the few large scale organisations that were prepared to do exactly that, if and when required. The government and media declared the party promoters Public Enemy Number One which resulted in zero-tolerance approaches from police riot squads around the country hyped up by stories of underage drug abuse, animal cruelty, rape and organised crime. Wayne says 'the battle plans were drafted and the Generals deployed for a full-frontal attack on youth culture'.

The only thing that stood between completely crushing Acid House and the Army of One was party promoters such as Wayne Anthony and Genesis'88. Read his story and remember it as if you were there in person. This is a roller-coaster ride that touches upon their successes, techniques, kidnappings and police confrontations. Wayne Anthony and partners lived out their dreams through Acid House making over one million pounds in a matter of months...'I thought it was really frank and truthful, and i myself would have loved to have done and achieved what you have. You can proudly call yourself one of the pioneers of dance culture. As Im sure you'll agree, ecstasy and dance culture has become a world wide language for the under 30's - Lex'



'I read Class of '88 a few years ago whilst lying on a beach in Ibiza (Excellent).  I've misplaced the book and am trying to get hold of it again but it seems to be out of print' Kat

'I just want to say your book is one of the best books I have ever read in the whole world. I really praise and look up to all you original acid house ravers. You really are amazing special people and I buzz every-time I read your book' Justin Bahia

'I read your book a year ago after a friend in the soundsystem loaned me it.  As the main organiser of our parties i read it avidly to see what i could learn and also to hear you guys used to do it. I must admit i was mightily impressed by the teamwork that went on then.  It certainly dwarfs the efforts of many of today's underground systems' Pankster

'I read class 88 a while ago and passed it on to other revellers all have seamed to have enjoyed it. But your ending do you really feel that you would not do things the same way?' Stephen Barton


'Your book is wikkid, and still one of my favourites. It's been passed around all my mates - including one friend who hasn't read a book since his school days and he loved it! respect due' Bugs!

'i feel people like you that basically shaped the scene worldwide deserve all the props you get' Pukka

'I love it! I started reading it on Friday night and ended up staying up all night to finish it ... it's wicked, you're a v. good storyteller. It's fantastic, it really is. 11 out of 10 and a gold star for you, young man!' Emma Keyne ( - Editor)

'I read that book mate, quality book' DJ DeCreator

'Got to thank the promoters like yourself for changing my life forever was the best years of my life and the memories never go away' Leigh Kilby

'Just to say that your book (Class of 88) was totally wicked and brought back some great memories. I could talk about them for hours on end' Steven Chassaigne

'Big up your status. You guys along with Sunrise, NRG, and Biology are like my all time heroes' Fused Pirates

'I would like to subscribe as I had a copy of the book as soon as it come out but lent it to someone and never got it back (gutted) my own fault' Paul Start

'i purchased your book class of 88''(the acid house experience)about a two or so years ago, might even have been longer, it was the only book i ever read in one evening, couldn't put it down' Smuff's Dick

'Its people like you who don't get the respect and publicity that DJ's might get' Travis Beckett

'This book turned back time for me as I went to all the genesis raves, and believe me this was exactly how it was. I thought the book was well written, and is the only real to life book which I have read where I actually felt like I was there. ' Reminiscing......, Reviewer: A reader from London, England

'The BOLLOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Well finally somebody has written a REAL life account of the true acid house experience. I'd like to thank Wayne Anthony for his effort put in doing these parties. I wish I could remember it but as the press keep saying " XTC affects the short term memory ".' Reviewer: A reader from Hull

'I read your book about 3 years ago really enjoyed it, keep meaning to buy the one you did about Ibiza. Keep up the good work' Kirsty

'Read the book last year mate, quality read got it in an HMV 2 for £10 with Bez's book. Both very enlightening!' Hilty

'Wayne - I read your book a while back now - you are a Legend !!!' Mr Rouse

'Just like to say that i read your book, and thought it made a great read. I myself was only 10 in 1989, but my brother was at all the early genesis parties. I thought it was really frank and truthful, and i myself would have loved to have done and achieved what you have. You can proudly call yourself one of the pioneers of dance culture' Lex


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