Thursday, June 13, 2013

Genesis'88 Radio presents Vibes of 88 - Saturday 27th July

This radio network forms part of the original Genesis'88 family founded during the heyday of Acid House 1988. Wayne Anthony co-founded Genesis'88 along with his two partners Andrew and Keith. After organising Genesis'88 reunions over recent years Wayne Anthony helped set the radio network up two years ago and has broadcast 7 days a week ever since. 

The radio network is run and maintained by Shrine (Wayne's sister) who also worked for the original Genesis'88 parties. The station was founded with the sole intention of playing quality music everyday of the week. Numerous DJs have played over the two years and we happy to have some first class Resident DJs on the network. This event is dedicated to Acid House and Classic House of the late 1980s.

Taking it back to grassroots we have chosen an intimate environment catering for 250 people. It's one thing getting lost in a massive warehouse but this venue takes us back to when it first began in small settings.

Vibe - 100% Old Skool

DJ's - Genesis'88 Radio DJ's (to be announced)

Venue - Central North London Venue

Time - 9pm-4am

Date - Saturday 27th July 2013

Tickets: Normal Price £10 - 100 Early Bird Tickets £5 (Get Them from Monday 17th June - 30th June @ Resident Advisor)

Guestlist: No Free Entry (sorry) - Limited Advance Concessions £5 (Names in Advance)

Watch Out for Future Events by Vibes of 88 ♥

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wayne Anthony and Tyree Cooper - Awesome Supa Dupa Trooper!


In the late eighties we danced our socks off listening to the likes of Tyree Cooper. At the time House / Acid / Hip House was an American import and completely new to us. Young DJs / Producers from Chicago had only just created the new sound themselves so this was entirely new territory. A space normally reserved for major record companies, small independent labels would temporarily claim the space for this brand new genre. Tyree Cooper was amongst the first wave of American producers that would later be hailed as the pioneers of a movement that today is as strong as it was in the late eighties. 

I've interviewed Tyree at length in the past and much of his unique story is covered in that meeting so we won't cover that ground here. Only to say the industry caught Tyree out in much the same way it continues to catch eager talent today. Speaking with Tyree about the industry back then reminds me of what happened to countless producers / recording artistes spamming decades. The industry is awash with great white sharks and killer whales swimming the bay for fresh faced talent.

It happened in Jazz, Rock n Roll, Punk, Ska, Reggae and pop music territories. The struggling artist is driven by the desire to get heard or seen by the public at large. The music mogul is driven by sales and bottom-lines but also has the hindsight of knowing the companies future.  Who holds the best position is relative to the persons involved in the process.  Alas the real lesson to be learned from the past is for talent to stay on top of the business end and that process begins with a solid contract. This marks the start of a very long relationship which should be handled with the diligence of a professional.

Anyway back to the Awesome Supa Dupa Trooper who recently visited London to play a legendary set at Half Baked. Tyree rocked the up-for-it crowd of international groovers with a blend of Classic and Deep House. My sister Shrine-Chick has been working with Tyree's record label for sometime now so we've got to consider Tyree as a member of the family. if you haven't yet listened to a modern Tyree set then you will have a few opportunities to see and hear him live over the coming months.

Tyree now lives in Germany but totally up for playing anywhere in the world. The weekend he came to London, he already played in Belgium the night before and Germany the night before that…A real gentleman and great DJ / Producer / Person…

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

FAC51 Hacienda comes to London - Friday 21st June

When it comes to Acid House there are but a few venues and club-nights that can claim to have founded the grassroots of an entire movement. Spectrum in London and Hacienda in Manchester. Thousands and thousands of people have said that they attended either one of these epicenters. It's also been said that it would be impossible for everyone that said they attended to even fit inside the buildings. 

I didn't get to Hacienda during that period but we had heard of it which goes to show how successful the Hacienda was at that period. We hadn't heard of any clubs outside of a twenty mile radius of London. Ibiza'87 brought peoples from the north of England and the south together under one roof or in Amnesia's case, under a sea of stars. 

The Hacienda has long closed down but the memories of Acid House still linger in the DNA of those transformed by the experience. Well I'm happy to announce that at long last you may get the opportunity to say i did the Hacienda (ok, so don't mention the date or the fact its in London lol) but lets get it straight here. The Hacienda boys are bringing the entire show to London

                      Hacienda London @ The Coronet
                    Friday 21st June 2013 / 8pm to 4am
                                   The Coronet
               28 New Kent Rd, London, London SE1 6TJ

Advance Tickets £20
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Mixing a fully live event with a late club show across eight hours, FAC 51 The Hacienda follows its KOKO Christmas show with a special midsummer event at The Coronet, London Saturday June 21st which recreates the spirit and unique atmosphere of The Hacienda with a selection of live bands and the clubs most famous DJ’s.

Legendary DJ partnership Graeme Park and Mike Pickering playing together at the top of the bill for the first time in London in many years, joined by a line up of names synonymous with The Hacienda including the Capital’s own Danny Rampling, Jon Dasilva, Justin Robertson, Allister Whitehead, K Klass, Peter Hook (DJ Set) and Bobby Langley.

Peter Hook
 Graeme Park
 Mike Pickering
 Justin Robertson

 Jon Dasilva
 Allister Whitehead
 Danny Rampling
 Bobby Langley

Peter Hook And The Light perform a unique “New Order Electronic Set”, joined by original techno pioneers 808 State and Hacienda Records’ Super White Assassin, all fully live in the early part of the evening.

The Light received great critical reactions for their sold out London debut in January, performing “Movement” and “Power, Corruption & Lies” in full. For The Coronet show, The Light are to play a more electronic derived set including the classics “Everything’s Gone Green”, “Temptation”. “Blue Monday”. “586” and more.  

 808 STATE

Also playing live in London for their first time since Village Underground in January 2012, 808 State will delve into their extensive repertoire, including such tracks as “Pacific State”, “In Yer Face” and “Cubik” as well as airing lesser known and brand new material in their live set, whilst Hacienda Records’ hotly tipped Super White Assassin open up for both. With the highest standards of decor and lighting set for the event at The Coronet and The Hacienda’s second London event in twenty years, Hacienda London looks to be marked out as THE club and live event of the summer.

Ticket Links

Telephone Booking Line - 0844 249 1000

Friday, May 17, 2013

DJ Pierre & Felix da Housecat @ EGG (London) TONIGHT

 Tonight @ EGG, London 17th May 2013

On Friday 17th May as part of the 10 x 10 birthday celebrations at EGG, headliner and house hero Felix Da Housecat is playing with a very special guest - DJ Pierre.
In a world obsessed with labelling an ever-evolving genre, Felix Da Housecat is dedicated to making the people dance. He is one of those rare, charisma-oozing characters, whose musical and mental eccentricity come from a genuine place. He’s never afraid to take a risk to reach new ground. It’s this blend of qualities that has kept him in such high reverence in the electronic field for two decades now, and which has ensured that his music has been a consistently captivating force.

DJ Pierre is a Chicago-born artist who is often credited as one of the founding fathers of acid house: 1987′s “Acid Tracks” is thought to be one of the earliest examples of the style, and is still one of the genre’s most recognizable records. In the 25 years since then, Pierre has remained a prolific producer and purveyor of Chicago house music, founding his own DJP imprint back in 1999, followed by his most recent label, Afro Acid, in 2008. Earlier this year he teamed up with Green Velvet to release Acid Trax 2012, while he continues to take the Afro Acid name to clubs around the world.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Genesis'88 Radio 365 Days a Year - Acid House Baby

Genesis'88 Radio has been running a while now and broadcasts Classic House and other genres 7 days a week from 6pm-12pm. A host of credible DJs play LIVE every night for your entertainment. If you wanna hear the dedicated sounds of Acid House and what came after it then look no further than GENESIS'88 RADIO...


DJ Pierre New Track - SELECKTA - OUT NOW

As someone that has championed Acid House since its inception in the UK, it was inevitable that at some point i would get to meet the legends of Acid House stateside. When we founded our magazine LSD Magazine, my partner Sirius23 (Spiral Tribe) and i immediately decided to produce an Acid House issue. This brought us into direct contact with many many legends from Chicago, New York and Detroit. One such legend is DJ Pierre. Now it doesn't take a trainspotter to recognise that name because anyone from that era has these names etched into memory.

DJ Pierre was one member of the infamous Acid House pioneering band Phuture, who had a string of hits throughout the period but particularly during those early years of the new genres conception. Bands such as Phuture and DJ Pierre himself walked amongst the rock gods in our books. They were equal to any legendary rock n roll band, Phuture were the Pink Floyd of Acid House.

I was recently bestowed the honor of joining the Phuture Team as one of the UK correspondents and promoters by their agent Andrea. It's actually a very exciting time in the Phuture camp as 'The Band have got back together' and been banging away at a NEW ALBUM and NEW WORLD TOUR.  Pierre has been working on many NEW Acid House tracks and you'd be happy to know that all relevant information regarding Phuture, DJ Pierre or the new album will be released in the UK via this blog and my many other networks.

To get the ball rolling Pierre has released the new track SELECKTA which is available via the usual networks. Features Rory from the world famous Jamaican sound system STONELOVE, who were also legends from back in the day. There are a few DJ's, producers recording their version of modern day Acid House but Phuture are probably the only pioneering producers to be recreating the sound...

'As one of the founding fathers of the Acid House genre, DJ Pierre is no stranger to the world of electronic music. Originally he was 1/2 of the duo Phuture, who's 1987 E.P. Acid Tracks was the first recording that introduced the repetitive, hypnotic rhythms that have come to be associated with these styles of music. Now he's back with a solo project for Sleckta, which is nothing short of a true testament to the genre which he helped create. Featuring Rory from Stone Love on the rasta-influenced vocals, the track hits heavy with a grinding acid groove that will get anyone on their feet. Be sure to check out the original as well as the remix by JamRoc and be prepared to get your acid smile on. '