Wednesday, May 8, 2013

DJ Pierre New Track - SELECKTA - OUT NOW

As someone that has championed Acid House since its inception in the UK, it was inevitable that at some point i would get to meet the legends of Acid House stateside. When we founded our magazine LSD Magazine, my partner Sirius23 (Spiral Tribe) and i immediately decided to produce an Acid House issue. This brought us into direct contact with many many legends from Chicago, New York and Detroit. One such legend is DJ Pierre. Now it doesn't take a trainspotter to recognise that name because anyone from that era has these names etched into memory.

DJ Pierre was one member of the infamous Acid House pioneering band Phuture, who had a string of hits throughout the period but particularly during those early years of the new genres conception. Bands such as Phuture and DJ Pierre himself walked amongst the rock gods in our books. They were equal to any legendary rock n roll band, Phuture were the Pink Floyd of Acid House.

I was recently bestowed the honor of joining the Phuture Team as one of the UK correspondents and promoters by their agent Andrea. It's actually a very exciting time in the Phuture camp as 'The Band have got back together' and been banging away at a NEW ALBUM and NEW WORLD TOUR.  Pierre has been working on many NEW Acid House tracks and you'd be happy to know that all relevant information regarding Phuture, DJ Pierre or the new album will be released in the UK via this blog and my many other networks.

To get the ball rolling Pierre has released the new track SELECKTA which is available via the usual networks. Features Rory from the world famous Jamaican sound system STONELOVE, who were also legends from back in the day. There are a few DJ's, producers recording their version of modern day Acid House but Phuture are probably the only pioneering producers to be recreating the sound...

'As one of the founding fathers of the Acid House genre, DJ Pierre is no stranger to the world of electronic music. Originally he was 1/2 of the duo Phuture, who's 1987 E.P. Acid Tracks was the first recording that introduced the repetitive, hypnotic rhythms that have come to be associated with these styles of music. Now he's back with a solo project for Sleckta, which is nothing short of a true testament to the genre which he helped create. Featuring Rory from Stone Love on the rasta-influenced vocals, the track hits heavy with a grinding acid groove that will get anyone on their feet. Be sure to check out the original as well as the remix by JamRoc and be prepared to get your acid smile on. '




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