Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Acid House Flash Mob - Wayne Anthony Interview

We did some random Acid House flash-mobs a couple years ago and was contacted by someone writing a paper on this urban activity. He sent some questions which i answered and thought i'd include them here...

1) In what ways have you been involved in "flashmobbing" or similar public interruptions?

Public interruptions? Its all a matter of wordplay. On the one side they call it public interruptions while on other-side they'd probably call it a matter of necessity. We didn't make the rules nor did we have any involvement in their creation, and so as society goes about its daily routine, some rules stand out as pointless acts of control. After all, Admiralty Law has no place on land or in the domain of human beings. Have i been involved in public interruptions? No. I've facilitated a desire to live outside the construct of regulations, terms and conditions enforced by captains of the high seas. Public interruptions are nothing more than human beings expressing a deep urge to be free.

I was one of the pioneers of Acid House and what was later deemed by the media as the rave scene. So i've been involved in countless acts of random activities. I was also at the very blunt end of governmental disapproval during this period so have much experience in this field. Acid House defines an entire generation of people that stood up for something they believed in. It was against the rules but absolutely necessary for the growth of the country. At times such as that the rules have no bearing on the human condition and something should be done to change it. 

2) What were your reasons for doing so, and to what extent were your objectives achieved? Was it pure entertainment or were there deeper, artistic and philosophical reasons?

First and foremost its completely about entertainment, a break from the norm, an opportunity to do something you wouldn't normally dream of doing. That's what its about random acts of performance conducted by strangers in very public locations. I didn't personally set out to create any form of disruption this has and will always be about the movement of people, ideas and perceptions. This is measured by sheer numbers on the specified day of event and the feedback received byway of the marketing campaign.

3) What was the relevance of the location?

Flashmobbing is mainly about location, the more central the better. People attending still have to get home in a timely fashion. So its important for access to public transport to help get the people on their way. We also want to create maximum impact and where better a place such as Liverpool Street Station.

4) What means of communication did you utilise?

In an age of electronic communication we optimise all forms of viral marketing including real world and online campaigns. We create videos, graphic flyers, online groups / communities, message forums and all new technologies on release.

5) Are your events "interruptive" in that they significantly change a particular urban space for a certain amount of time?

I don't care for the word interruptive as on given day my life is 'interrupted' by things out of my control and that's the point, your dealing with a generation of people that deep down wish to be free in every way possible. So yes we stand in mass on a space allocated to us by sheer proxy of being human. No laws, regulations, terms or conditions apply. 

6) What is your name and occupation, and could you please indicate as to whether you are happy to be named in the paper or if you would prefer to remain anonymous?

I am Freeman, a human being, a pioneer, a spiritual provocateur, a visionary and humanist with deep felt love and conviction for all humans and lifeforms in the universe. I am you, they are us and we are them...

7) Please detail any additional information which you may wish to share: your thoughts, experiences and opinions about flashmobbing and public performance in general.

Wherever you find humans you'll find that urge to breakaway from control. Flashobbing provides an arena for complete strangers to shed their anonymity for a short period of time that allows the burden of distrust to evaporate before your very eyes. We all want to trust, love and be loved. Events of this nature temporarily suspends the preconditioning of humanity allowing for that much needed mass empathy. No matter where in the world you are right now when reading these answers. You too have that desire to break away from what you think you have to do in order to survive on this great planet. Just one memory can last a lifetime. So what do you have planned for tomorrow?  

Its just a ride...Bill Hicks

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