Monday, October 31, 2011

Genesis'88 Reunion - Official Photos Part 1

Thanks to Richard Kelly for the Photos...Also added more comments made by the people whom came to the Genesis'88 Reunion....More to Come...

Thanks 4 top night dude was wkd being able 2 share in the experience, only just recovering, ure set was pure brilliant, was hilarious when 1 of the other dudes on decks did summin & both u & the dude 2 ure right torches out wtf did he do, but he musta just bin messin cos tunes came right back on, was funny, the whole night was a gd laff. excellent tunes, excellent crowd & excellent vibe. u know how 2 put it 2gether brother, i arrived on me own as a stranger & left with a 1000 new friends. thanks again man, thoroughly enjoyed it ;)

Mate, had an amazing night from start to finish was quality hope its not the last!

Looks like i missed a great night :( couldnt make as i was supposed to be djing elsewhere until i lost my hearing, pleeeease do another. Big Up Wayne and all the Genesis crew.

thanks again,4 making a old raver happy lol :) love and respect xx

Top nite.. I really didn't wanna go home.... Can't wait for the next one!! Xx

Having recovered I now have a smile on my face and feel years younger!!

wish I had been there xxx

still not down to earth yet. wot a nite!!!!!!! xxx

The whole night and those tunes felt like it was made for me just what ive been looking to relive bought back special times thanks.x

We are just mirrors bro. Here's looking at you kid!

An amazing night Wayne! Great vibes. Congrats for bringing us all back together. Love you too! XXX

that's the nicest status update i've seen in a while....nice one wayne...made me smile :)))

I feel blessed to be part of it all over again on behalf of the Birmingham crew I thankyou Wayne shrine and genesis crew. Big up all behind the scenes and all the door staff. Now when's the next one I have a coach load if brummies all nagging me about dates ha ha. ;-)

thanku n everyone involved,a truly magical night,the only time ive ever really gone way back,u guys had everything spot on ..... :)))) xx

U are beautiful to have made all us happy proud and alive again after soo many years can't begin to tell u how much Genisis 2011 has made me plus meeting up with old mates I would probably never seen again....we salut u Wayne much love .... Till the next one PLEEEEEEESE !!!!❤ xx

Hope ur also proud of us who couldn make it! xoxoxo :-)

Mate we had them rocking world wide.. invited a few of my friends!! nicely done !!

Still have a huge grin on my face :))

Wayne , one word says it all ,,,WALLOPXX. very proud to be there absolutely superb!!!! X

You gotta put on another one man ♥

WE LOVE YOU TOO GENESIS'88!! Was one of the best nights of my life, absolutely mind-blowing! xx

we don't do screw faces with middle fingers in the air, we do smiles and hugs and AV IT LARGE!!

ahh gave me tingles reading this- it was excellent :)

i waited a very long time for friday. Thank you to Wayne and all involved. Loved it! Please do it again. Still smiling now : )

A tremendous night! More of that kind sir!!! xxx

just had the first chance to play my genesis cd... How appropriate is the first tune, made me think of how i felt waiting for the nite and while i was waiting outside the venue.. gave me butterflies and had to stop the car!! :)) xx

we need a Genesis Reunions Reunion!

WE LOVE YOU TOO WAYNE!! Was one of the best nights of my life, absolutely mind-blowing! xx

Your not only a legend but a inspiration to us all Wayne. Superb night, thank you bruvva!! x

Absolutely spot on!!!! What can I say??.................FUCKINELL XX


Dombewell said...

yeah bruvs was off da hook and i really enjoyed showing the depth and breadth of my 88 musical knowledge. Hope to play a bit earlier next time though.
Peace and love to all involved xx

tripwitch said...

thanks to everyone who put there energy into makeing genesis a great vibe ! beautifull people shareing the love of acid house !1 WHENS THE NEXT ONE !!!<3 peace from the scotland crew !

Unknown said...
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