Sunday, November 6, 2011

Genesis'88 - Online Radio

The feedback we received from the recent Genesis'88 Reunion has been so immense that we felt it was near time to unleash the 'brand' once again on the world population. Today we can say world population because the internet allows us to interact with people in ways we wouldn't have thought about in the 1980s. In the days before twenty four hour clubbing, when clubs closed at 2.30am, a small bunch of people launched Acid House to the UK masses. Genesis'88 kicked off their tour in November 1988 in a warehouse in East London. Entrance was gained in numerous buildings which we fronted wearing business suits while carrying clipboards with fake documents pertaining to the company we represent (always a major company such as Sony, EMI, Channel 4 or super star management with clients such as George Michael).

Once we got stamped by local police we'd normally be completely behind the scenes so no-one really knew who we were unless from the inner circle. Very few photos were ever taken at Genesis events through fear of being arrested and placed on major charges that couldn't be beaten under the current hang-erm-high climate of the period. The press did a great job of demonising us and the law quickly changed. Promoters were now at risk of imprisonment, assists over £20,000 confiscated and compulsory 6 months in prison. You really had to have heart to continue the journey as a promoter. Genesis'88 moved forward at full speed.

The Genesis'88 Reunion on the 28th October was located opposite the Olympic Stadium of 2012 and broadcast across the internet live as it happened. We had friends in many countries locked on to the live stream and really enjoyed the concept of broadcasting our events. Within a week of the reunion we were on Skype with Danny Midi Man setting up an online radio station.  We chose one of the free services because our main aim was to broadcast the party again for the people that were there and wanted to relive the moment. That's when a Genesis member called Boston stepped in and offered to build a fully functional online radio station. 

The idea was to broadcast old skool sounds of the late eighties on the weekends but this quickly developed into providing a platform for all music. DJs from around the world are now lining up to play a set on Genesis'88. All musical tastes are catered for by internationally known DJs, local DJs, up n coming DJs…

We're fine tuning the station as we speak and testing it almost daily. In the future shows will be announced via
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Meanwhile back on the farm Genesis'88 members have been busy spreading the love across the internet. Jason even produced the short video below.... Very Funny

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