Saturday, December 3, 2011

GENESIS'88 Birthday Party Cancelled on 10th December

Its with a sad and heavy heart that we must inform our members and guests that Genesis'88 Birthday Party Scheduled for 10th December has been CANCELLED. Unlike in the past the event wasn't stopped by law enforcement, governments, henchmen or anything remotely connected to such outcomes. Sadly due to an Administration Error on the part of the venue owners (license holders) we have no license. Believe us when we say, we didn't ever expect to be making such public statements. Genesis'88 Cancelled because we have no license…wow! Time has certainly changed.

We should also note that a few venues have been offered to us but none to the standard that Genesis'88 have used in the past. The reason we chose the last building was because of its authenticity as a bare boned warehouse. It felt so right we couldn't resist it but now running around looking at half arsed venues isn't the Genesis'88 style. We don't do parties for the sake of earning a few quid, if we did that we'd have come out the archives years ago.

Genesis'88 is about the moment, the people, the space, the kinetic energy. We are proud of this heritage and this is what has carried Genesis'88 into the 21st century. Our events are built to last within the memories of the people that attend them. The venues which have been put forward are ideal for some promoters. We wouldn't have even broke into them in the 1980s so why except this standard today in 2011. Some people are saying we should just have a party anywhere legal as long as its a party but i totally disagree. Much love, care and attention goes into every event that I'm (Wayne Anthony) personally involved in. Standing in some emergency building in 2011 puts me in a negative space and therefore i see no good reason to put anyone through that particularly Genesis'88.

Especially given the fact we have to jump so many legal hoops. If Genesis'88 is going this route then it must be done properly we hope you understand. We are looking at March 2012 to stage our next Genesis'88 event so stayed tuned to our official website and Brand New Online Radio Network ( It should also be noted that any campaign we mount for Genesis'88 events wont all be done on Social Networks. Its important you become a MEMBER by subscribing via the website.

Believe us when we say that no-one is as gutted as Team Genesis'88 but we'll stick by our moral values…We know there's a silver lining in everything…

We know there's no comparison but next weekend live DJs plan to broadcast old skool classics via our radio network the entire weekend so please join us…

Official Website / Radio Network

Big Love

Wayne Anthony and Team Genesis'88


Anonymous said...

You don't need a license to play this. Its only for the headstrong. Grab some cutters son. Darbs

Anonymous said...

just like the old days, a non-event!!!!