Saturday, June 30, 2012

Genesis'88 Original Pirate Radio Ads 1989 Pt.1

As the police closed ranks on Acid House promoters the game plan changed from utter secrecy to broadcasting the party via pirate radio stations. It was easy to stop parties after following people to the venue from the meeting point. Police roadblocks were common place for anyone wishing to attend these parties. You'd encounter them around the actual building or around a widen perimeter. if you wasn't brave enough to risk breaking through the man-made barriers you may end up going home. Promoters raised their game by producing radio commercials for their events. This would ensure that thousands of people would hear the commercial and make haste to the event by all means necessary. Blocking all roads would be hard to manage by law enforcement.

I (Wayne Anthony) personally wrote and narrated a number of radio ads for Genesis'88 during 1989-90 and i also did some for our reunion parties in 1992. I'd never recorded a radio ad at the time but soon feel into it. Listening to some of them now makes me cringe but on the flipside some of them make my hair stand on end...


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