Monday, January 27, 2014

Class of 88 E-Bay Auction on NOW

I've been lugging various large boxes of paraphernalia related to the projects I've done around the world as I've lived in various countries for years now. I felt its about time i started sharing some of my collection as i know many people out there will appreciate  such items as much as i do, if not more.

Today i put some exclusive items up on E-Bay for sale to the highest bidder lol There's only four days left so keep an eye on the auction of you'd like to have these items in your collection.

What's in the Package?

1 x New Limited Edition Genesis’88 T-Shirt - Only 100 Produced - Size XL (100 T-Shirts were produced to commemorate Genesis’88 / Acid House)

1 x Signed Class of 88 Shop Display Unit (Extremely Rare) - Stands Upright - Size A3 - Printed 1998 Good Condition (As far as we know there are only 3 Class of 88 Shop Display Units in existence. All given to Wayne Anthony by Virgin Books (publisher). This stand alone Acid House Memorabilia is signed on both sides and can stand independently)

1 x Signed Genesis’88 Flyer 1992 - Size A4 - Mint Condition (This Acid House flyer has been part of Wayne Anthony’s personal collection since 1992. Original artwork created by airbrush artist Micky Marshall)

1 x New Signed Genesis’88 Acid House Print Out - Limited Edition of 100 (These paper flyers were created exclusively for the T-Shirt Offer)

1 x New Genesis’88 Pin Badge - Limited Edition (These badges were created exclusively for the T-Shirt Offer)

1 x New Genesis’88 Membership Card - Created 2010 (This membership card guarantees paid entrance into any current Genesis’88 event)

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Bulevardi said...

Aah, the auction is already finished :(