Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Balearic - In the Begining circa 1987 - 101

'In the beginning there was House' and for Americans that much is true. In the UK we opted for the sound of the Balearic's which was established by Argentinean deejay Alfredo in Ibiza 1987. The new sound or rather old sound new configuration was a mishmash of genres put together in a seamless fusion of global beats. The earliest pivotal club-nights such as Future, Spectrum, Shoom, and Rage all embraced the Balearic sound. The advent of the internet means i can search and post some of those originals sounds to my blog. So here are some of the tunes that kicked started an entire movement which was later wrongly called rave.

Jibaro - Electra - Love this tune...takes 

Why Why Why - Wooden Tops - Massive tune in Spectrum / Shoom 

Drop the Deal - Code 61 - Huge Tune

Amnesia - Hysteria

Rock to the Beat - 101 - Now this was massive brings memories flooding back

Flesh - Split Second - Another classic from 1987

More to Come...

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