Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Class of 88 on Kindle, iPad, iPhone, iTouch, Mac, PC

Class of 88 on Kindle

I do love the advancement of technology and am always ready to get stuck into new devices that come onto the market. I'm not a gadget type person i love products with multi-functionality that i can fully utilise in my daily life. These days we carry so many electronic devices that most are opting for all-in-one machines that can do everything but brush your teeth.

Class of 88 on iPad

If when i originally wrote Class of 88 in 1998 i didn't think for a moment that people in the future would be reading my book on cell phones, flat screen pads or devices configured specifically for digital books, i probably wouldn't have believed it at first. Alas here we are, 2011 and though Branson's space travel hasn't quite reached the tourist sector, we appear to be making huge advancements in electronic delivery of digital media.

Class of 88 on iTouch

Although this edition is called The Special Edition it doesn't relate to the fact its available on new platforms, its special because its rewritten with over 100 pages of new content. So it gives me great pleasure to continually remind you of the kindle version (if i don't no-one else will) but also the fact you can read Class of 88 on PCs, Macs, Kindle, iPhone, iTouch, iPad…

Class of 88 on iPhone

I appreciate your continued Support…

The audio of this video is a montage of interviews I've done on BBC, Channel 4, ITV

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