Friday, July 8, 2011

Wayne Anthony DJ Set @ Raindance 12th August 2011

I've never actually wished or desired to be a DJ at any point in my life though i have played on some big sets. Admittedly they were my events and completely accidentally i ended up playing at Genesis and i also played the main-room at Pacha (Ibiza'95) on two occasions. I cant mix to save my life but i do remember the soundtrack that drove the generation. Flash-Forward to 2011 and as a favor to my pal Richard of Raindance, I've agreed to play in the Pioneers Room at the next secret Raindance warehouse party...again I've not learned to mix so dont expect it...Raindance have also signed up some of the biggest names of the Acid House era...


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Kingsley said...

Caught you last night at Raindance. Who cares about mixing ability when the tunes kept on coming.

Had to come and check you out especially as Genesis Chapter 1 (I thnk) was the first rave I ever went to at 14, and as they say - the rest was history. Went to Genesis in to the 90's.

Anyway, thought I'd drop your name in Google and here I am (been here before, but it's always good to give the bookmarks a bit of a refresh).

I also came to check you out as a mark of respect. For giving me the best years of my life, the best people, the best music - Genesis are there along with Humanity (of which I still have my members card!), Atmosphere, Sunrise, Energy, Jericho, Biology, Back The The Future, Life on Mars, Land Of Oz... I could go on (and on). It does that to you! But every weekend I was out until about 93.

Thanks mate. Good to see a legend still flying the flag.