Thursday, September 1, 2011

Genesis'88 Reunions - The True Warehouse Experience 28th October

GENESIS'88 Reunions - The True Warehouse Experience

Genesis 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992 and now 2011
Friday 28th October - Secret Warehouse Location (10pm-6am)

DJs (so far): Tyree Cooper (Chicago House Pioneer & Legend), Colin Dale (Acid House Legend), Mark Ruston (Spirit of '89), Wayne Anthony (Genesis'88 & Class of 88) More to come...

Never say never…In my original paperback book Class of 88 i ended the book with a quote which simply read 'would i do it all over again?' My answer and the last words of the book was 'No Fu*king Chance' For years people have ben asking 'did you really mean that?' I'd instantly reply 'i did'. Recently there's been a lot of interest in the eighties and all that happened during that decade. For my generation nothing could be as monumental as Acid House…Our lives were never quite the same again…

No-one in our association has a time machine so unless YOU personally transport your ego back to that uninhibitating sensation of pure empathy, it's just gonna be another warehouse party. I don't have a magic wand i cant transport us to that idillic forum BUT you can, its within you to make it happen in the way it did back in the day. I guess what Im saying is if you plan on coming please suspend your ego at the door and enjoy the freedom of being alive during this unique period in our history.

I've found an amazing warehouse space run by some cool people who have been granted the necessary licenses to stage an event from 10pm-6am. Completely legal venue i have no intention of crashing buildings or stealing electricity like we did back then (Come On!).  We do intend on keeping the address secret at this time though if the police want to know then do contact us.

We will be utilising social networks though of late i keep getting locked out of certain accounts on certain dates for some strange reason. So please Subscribe to my personal mailing list (no-one gets this but me) WAYNEANTHONY88@GMAIL.COM and Also sign up to the event page on Facebook and my other related Acid House pages such as Classof88 and Class of 88

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