Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Genesis'88 - A Story about an iconic Flyer

The task was to create a new Genesis'88 logo based on the last depiction of an ancient being. Over the last twenty years we actually believed the logo represented the Greek god Zeus although for us it was a spiritual being. I presented the logo to two old skool graffiti heads with the intention of a getting a makeover. I informed them who i thought the image represented and left it with them. Next day they asked whether I'd ever researched The Green Man and instructed me to search via images in Google.  I knew it was him soon as i saw it, especially with the beads and leafs in his hair. That for me added another layer of mysticism to the whole project. I was never quite comfortable announcing it was Zeus. 

So i left the old skool lads to their own devices only to return the following day and discover they hadn't changed it at all. We all agreed if it was  someone with no history then something banging needed to be produced but considering Genesis'88 flyers were always so simple it didn't make sense to complicate matters. Which by all accounts is my personal preference anyway, I'll let them loose on the backdrops but thank to Xenz and buddy for putting the RETRO flyer together. The Genesis'88 logo first graced paper in 1988 and last printed in 1992. It gives us warm fuzzy feelings inside our bellies to re-establish the brand in the old days of old...

Its gonna be a roadblock so PRIORITY PASSES must be acquired by anyone wishing to gain entry to this building. One PRIORITY PASS PER EMAIL - SEND EMAILS TO WAYNEANTHONY88@GMAIL.COM 

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